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the space where you can come to 
explore, unravel, embody, connect and expand

Guided by Amanda Castilone,
Embodiment Coach & Somatic Healer

Hi my love! I am SO excited that you're here.

It's my deepest passion and life's work to guide women just like you deeper and deeper into their bodies. To help you feel the entire range of pain to pleasure that's inside (because there's always both), to express your unique magic, and to embody your highest truth so that you can be FREE and IN LOVE.

And that's exactly why I created SACREDSPACE. My virtual women's embodiment community. I can't wait to support you inside.

What Clients Say

"Amanda is awesome at what she does. Her approach may seem unconventional at times but don’t be afraid to fully embrace the experience. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Working with her has not only helped me develop a greater sense of trust in myself, but also helped me begin opening up to the idea of trusting others."
- Stephanie A.


SACREDSPACE is a membership community for women who want to deepen their healing, transcend old patterns, awaken their true nature, embody their truth and ignite the fire of their wildest desires.

SACREDSPACE is for you. 

I believe we're all divinely guided and supported, and I believe that it's no mistake that you're reading these words.


You've been feeling that there's something MORE for you in this life.


You know that there's got to be a way to feel more pleasure, more alive, more connected, more YOU

There is, my love. And it's all inside of you, waiting to be discovered. And I can guide you there.

I can't wait to welcome you inside.

what you'll receive inside SACREDSPACE:

SACREDSPACE is a commitment and devotion to your highest embodiment and deepest desires. 

Memberships are either 6 or 12 months.


TWO juicy, deep, LIVE 90-minute offerings each month


Transmissions are where I'll drop the magic - teachings that carry an energetic frequency that transmits into your body as you listen and learn. 

Open Coaching - I'll hold space for your questions, challenges, and tender parts. Bring whatever is on your mind and heart and be seen and supported with it.


movement. breath. sound. 

I will guide you through a live, intentionally created practice to help you release what's holding you back, ignite the fire of your heart's deepest desires, and embody your TRUE nature.

Private, members-only Telegram group

eeeeeeee!!! This *might* be my favorite part!

You'll be invited to a Telegram (app) group where you can:

  • share your experience with the practices and topics

  • connect to and get to know your SACREDSPACE sisters and hear their beautiful voices

  • ask questions and receive personalized, real-time guidance from me as needed!! (only my private 1:1 clients get access to this - and they LOVE it!!)



1 - 230 PT  |  4 - 530 ET

March 18
April 7
April 21
May 5
May 19
June 2
June 23
July 14
July 28
August 11
August 25
September 8


"Amanda is able to help lead you to thoughts you wouldn't have considered, while making you feel like you're talking to yourself in a mirror. Her skills are her gifts. Her ability to bring you to the places you need to go to self-heal is something she was born to do."
- Shelby S.

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