Amanda is absolutely empowering.


The passion and commitment she has to being a partner with you in your work can be felt so greatly through her thoughtful questions, insights, and challenges. It felt like she just "got" what I was going through and saw factors at play even I couldn't put language to within the first 5 minutes.


She is poetic and inspiring in the way she helps her clients understand what unconsciously is getting in their way, and I'd highly recommend experiencing her first-hand.


"I'm very skeptical when it comes to self-help or even asking for help. Amanda is so sweet and loving that I immediately felt I could be real with her without any judgement. She doesn't question your actions or make you feel that you are wrong for feeling/behaving a certain way.

She easily identifies the places where you hold yourself back and helps you to see why you have that certain behavior and rewire the loops playing in your head. She also relates to everything from personal experience when is huge for trust. She is extremely honest with her own history and it helps make a safe and secure environment.


She truly cares about people and will only work with you if she feels she is the right person for you - something I think is CRUCIAL to growth! Talking to her is like talking to your best friend. The conversation is easy and smooth and before you know it, you feel lighter and ready to take on the world. I highly recommend working with Amanda to work through any places in your life that feel sticky or unsatisfied. She delivers and is wonderful to work with!"


Amanda was so patient with me during our 6 months together.  When we first spoke on the phone, there was an instant connection - I knew that she could help me. She helped me look at things with a new perspective and realize that “it's just that a thought!” I am so happy that I have made this connection with her on this life's journey. She is a loving person and will help you learn to love yourself. 


Our focus was on figuring out which areas of my life need a little tweaking or focus, but Amanda wasn't afraid to share intimate personal details to be relatable and open, too. This set us up for judgment-free conversation, and though there aren't aren’t unsettling or daunting issues I'm currently trying to tackle - we traced few recent feelings of anxiety to old, unhealed wounds. 


Her intuition feels like some kind of beautiful gift. We zeroed in on some really big foundational ideas within self healing. We got to a break-through moment that is very important to me: We are enough, and we are not broken. 


Throughout our entire session, I felt at ease and safe to share; free flowing conversations without hesitation or filtered thoughts - making the session authentic, important. I left feeling lighter, motivated to heal childhood wounds through proactive methods we'd discussed. I felt like I'd had a really important conversation. 


Amanda is able to help lead you to thoughts you wouldn't have considered, while making you feel like you're talking to yourself in a mirror. Her skills are her gifts. Her ability to bring you to the places you need to go to self-heal is something she was born to do.  This was such an important session for me, and I'll be using some of the tips and guidance Amanda shared with me always.”


“I’m the cliche “I’ve done every diet out there” person. I have been successful at losing weight in the past, but never at maintaining my weight loss. Then, Amanda came into my life.


She understood that I was struggling with emotional eating. She helped me come up with a concrete plan to address how to process my emotions instead of eating to numb them. Amanda gently guided me to make small changes, day-by-day, that were sustainable and healthy.


Perhaps most importantly, she taught me to respect and honor my body. I have successfully settled at a weight that is comfortable for me and I could not have gotten to this place in my life without Amanda.” 


When I started coaching with Amanda, my main goal was to lose weight. I never imagined that working with her would be a course in mindfulness.  Now I realize that for me to permanently keep the weight off I had to become more mindful about my eating. I was a mindless eater and an emotional eater. Amanda helped me with this because she always asked me to question my less than desirable eating choices and find the root cause. I was also unhappy with my body and often used self-deprecating terms when talking about myself (I am so greedy, lazy, etc) and she was quick to help me shift that.


Amanda helped me overcome my self-imposed mental obstacles which then eventually led to my losing 18 pounds. Even though I reached my goal weight, I realized that it isn't really about the numbers. Amanda helped me see that the most significant change was not in the number showing on my scale, but that I now really love myself enough to take care of my body. 

Losing weight is a mental battle and we cannot fight it alone. Anyone can advise you on how to eat healthy and cook wholesome food but actually making those choices, sticking to them, and making a lifestyle change is hard work. I was fortunate that Amanda was there for me to help me through it all.


"I enjoyed an awesome coaching session with Amanda!

She is super sweet, knowledgeable and just gets it.

She really helped me change my perspective on food habits, and gave me

some actionable steps to stop getting caught up in negative thought loops

and patterns that aren’t serving me.

Thanks again, Amanda!”