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It's time to experience yourself as the authentic, vibrant, turned on woman that you are

what if I told you that

you could:

〰 Be IN LOVE with yourself & your life

〰 Feel pleasure, joy, abundance, & peace daily

〰 Have a deep, intimate relationship with your body

〰 Feel ease + flow in your relationships

〰 Actually accept ALL of yourself

〰 Befriend your inner critic (who's probably very loud right now)

〰 Love and accept your body 

〰 Feel fulfilled + turned on by life

〰 Trust yourself fully + more than anything or anyone else

〰 Stop seeking external validation and approval 

〰 Feel confident in your own skin

〰 Put yourself FIRST

〰 Stop overworking, overeating, over-scrolling...
〰 Ditch the self-doubt

〰 Look in the mirror and feel excited about who you see

You CAN have all of that and so much more! 

Take my hand, sister, and allow me to guide you there 

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It might not feel true for you right now, but you’ve got a light inside of you that is dying to shine SO BRIGHTLY. 


I promise it’s in there.


It’s just been…


buried by years and years of negative self talk

covered up by old, limiting beliefs

hidden by your story that you have to prove yourself worthy 

blocked by you trying to be someone other than who you really are

bogged down by all the unfelt, unexpressed emotions you've been taught to push down

I know that there's SO MUCH MORE to you, and deep down you do too.


My work is NOT about fixing you. I wholeheartedly believe there is NOTHING TO FIX!

I’m not broken, you’re not broken, none of us are broken. 


My work is about uncovering and peeling back the LAYERS that are blocking your light - your heart! 


My work is about teaching you how to bring out more of YOU for the world to experience and enjoy


My work is about helping you love yourself enough to take care of yourself

and KNOW that you’re beyond worthy of it all


My work is about guiding you towards your most authentic self and teaching you how to show up unapologetically as YOU

But here’s the thing..


I can't do the work for you. 

I am here to guide you and help you see what you can't see


To offer you practical tools and approaches (think: mindset work, somatic work, embodiment practices, breathwork and so much more) to bring you from

where you are now to where you want to be

But this is about YOU.

You've got to be willing to show up and do the work

To take responsibility of who you are and who you want to be

  • fully invest in yourself

  • stop letting fear hold you back

  • take ownership of yourself, your mindset, & your life

  • love yourself unconditionally

  • accept and honor your body fully

  • rewire your mind to work FOR you instead of against you 

  • soften the negative voice in your mind - for good

  • accomplish those big, scary goals that you’ve always felt like you weren’t good enough for

  • become your own best friend + biggest fan

  • release the control and lean into self TRUST

  • stop using things to avoid + numb your emotions

Client Love

"Amanda is able to help lead you to thoughts you wouldn't have considered, while making you feel like you're talking to yourself in a mirror. Her skills are her gifts. Her ability to bring you to the places you need to go to self-heal is something she was born to do.  I'll be using the tips and guidance Amanda shared with me always.”

If you're feeling called to explore this work...

to know yourself on a deeper level

to experience your fullness, magic, depth and aliveness

to know how to show up for yourself in the moments when it all feels like too much

and to fully trust in yourself and the Universe - to know that every single thing in your life IS happening FOR you...

I invite you to my newest 1:1 Coaching Container:


I've said it before, but it's worth repeating:

I’m not here to fix you.

I’m here to

give you context for what is happening FOR you in your life

release you from the pain of disillusion

help you detach from your old patterns

guide you into your body, your place of knowing + truth

empower you to BE all that you desire


I’m here to help you… 


be with yourself 

see yourself

love yourself

know yourself

accept yourself


what is that worth to you? 

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