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Hi there! I'm Amanda and I'm a Self Love + Embodiment Coach, Breathwork Facilitator and Intuitive Healer. 

I'm incredibly passionate about helping people

FEEL in order to heal 

We use so many things to numb out and avoid what's inside... food, alcohol, drugs, TV, sex, social media,


If you're here, I know you know what I'm talking about. And I trust you're ready for more. You want to feel excitement, joy, happiness, pleasure and love. You want to feel alive.

After investing in coaching, trainings, medicine ceremonies, certifications, therapy, courses, workshops and other healing modalities, I now know what it means to show up for and truly love myself.

It's my mission to take what I've learned, and continue to learn, and share it with my clients so they, too, can find what I consider the ultimate form of freedom: radical self acceptance and self love. 

I'm here to help you embody your fullness and (lovingly) break down those walls that block your heart. 

Are you ready?


Tell me, do you...

  • Deeply desire a life full of pleasure, abundance, fulfillment and joy?

  • Want a deeper connection to yourself, your intuition and your body?

  • Want to feel more intimate and safe in your relationships? 

  • Crave a deeper spiritual connection to yourself, others and the Universe? 

But you... 

  • Struggle with your self worth?

  • Let fear and worry drive your decisions instead of your desires and needs?

  • Use food, social media, work, or sex, to numb or avoid how you feel?

  • Compare yourself to other women or put yourself down?

  • Constantly hear your mean inner critic's voice in your head and wish it would stop or soften?

  • See other people with energy, healthy relationships, successful careers who love their lives and wish that could be you?? (psst: IT CAN!)

I know what you're going through AND I know that a deeply connected, joyful and fulfilling life is possible for you. Let me guide you there.


I know how incredibly powerful it is to get out of the head and into the body. That's why I am so passionate about this healing modality.

I occasionally offer group breathwork circles, but I especially love working one-on-one so we can dive deep into what you need most.


Whether you're looking to: deepen your connection with your body, work on releasing something specific, heal an old wound or you just want personal 1:1 attention - I've got you.




Shelby S.

"Her intuition feels like some kind of beautiful gift. 


Throughout our entire session, I felt at ease and safe to share. I left feeling lighter, motivated to heal childhood wounds through proactive methods we'd discussed. I felt like I'd had a really important conversation. 


Amanda is able to help lead you to thoughts you wouldn't have considered, while making you feel like you're talking to yourself in a mirror. Her skills are her gifts. Her ability to bring you to the places you need to go to self-heal is something she was born to do.  This was such an important session for me, and I'll be using some of the tips and guidance Amanda shared with me always.”



Sammee A.

"Since working with Amanda, realized that I'm so much more detached from my thoughts. They don't dictate my worth or direct my actions anymore. I've also been able to really dig in when I'm feeling sad or upset and find the root of my issue. I can then manage my actions and chose to address everything from a place of love and worth.


I've also noticed that I'm speaking up for myself more. I'm such a people pleaser that I sometimes don't say how I really feel at the risk of alienating myself. After my session with Amanda, I feel clear that I'll be loved no matter what."


Danica A.


“I’m the cliche “I’ve done every diet out there” person. I have been successful at losing weight in the past, but never at maintaining my weight loss. Then, Amanda came into my life.


She understood that I was struggling with emotional eating. She helped me come up with a concrete plan to address how to process my emotions instead of eating to numb them. Amanda gently guided me to make small changes, day-by-day, that were sustainable and healthy.


Perhaps most importantly, she taught me to respect and honor my body. I have successfully settled at a weight that is comfortable for me and I could not have gotten to this place in my life without Amanda.”