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About Amanda

Hi my love! I'm so honored that you're here.

I'm a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Intuitive Somatic Healer, and Breathwork Facilitator.

I'm incredibly passionate about helping people

FEEL in order to heal 

We use so many things to numb out and avoid what's inside... food, alcohol, drugs, TV, sex, social media, over-working...

If you're here, I know you know what I'm talking about. And I trust you're ready for more. You want to feel excitement, joy, happiness, pleasure and love. You want to feel alive.

After investing in coaching, trainings, medicine ceremonies, certifications, therapy, courses, workshops and other healing modalities, I now know what it means to show up for and truly love myself.

It's my mission to take what I've learned, and continue to learn, and share it with my clients so they, too, can find what I consider the ultimate form of freedom: radical self acceptance and self love. 

I'm here to help you embody your fullness and (lovingly) break down those walls that block your heart. 

Are you ready?


Ways I Can Support You


My greatest gift and mission is inviting you to become your own healer

Client Love

"I feel SO supported by you, Amanda. I feel 100% acceptance and safe sharing everything. That has been so crucial for me on this journey. I feel like the more I open up with you, the more I'm learning about myself and mirroring your acceptance of me, too."
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