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breathwork healing

Breathwork is an incredibly powerful way to get out of the head and into the body in order to release stored energy blockages. 

I first discovered breathwork a few years ago during my yoga teacher training and had a profoundly healing experience.


I knew there was magic inside of me. And it's inside you, too. 

I felt called to learn more. I invested in private breathwork sessions and then an in-depth training led by David Elliott to prepare me to hold space for others in this way. 

Each session that I offer is completely unique to YOU and your needs. Your breath is the guide. I'm here to facilitate a healing experience for you to access your own healing power - your magic - within. 

I offer 1:1 60 and 90 minute sessions either at my home office in Redondo Beach, CA or over Zoom video. 

I also offer group sessions and events (retreats, guest workshops, etc).

If you're ready to experience healing that truly transforms your life, then reach out to me

Amanda Castilone Breathwork
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