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i'm here to bring

Love in and through the body

medicine woman
priestess of love
body queen
somatic healer
embodiment guide
multi-dimensional human


these are all titles, archetypes, names and energies that I identify with.

Sometimes I'm all of them. Sometimes I'm none of them.

The deeper I allow myself to sink into myself and my work, the more I realize that it's really hard to fit myself into a box or choose any one title to represent my multi-dimensionality or my gifts.

What I know for sure?

I'm here to bring Heaven on Earth

I'm here to bring Love in and through my body


and facilitating the same for you.

Because what I've learned through guiding hundreds of people into their bodies over the past several years is that THE BODY IS THE WAY


We all have a story to share. Here's an opportunity to tell website visitors more about you and how this site came to be. Click to begin editing and make it your own.


And don't get me wrong - so much of that did help me and put me further down my path. I've learned a TON from these various sources and this information has helped me so much as a coach.


But I spent so much time searching and searching for the thing that would finally fix me and make me “whole.”  I was approaching this ALL WRONG.


I came to a major realization:

What I realized is that I had been trying for YEARS to repair all of these "shattered" parts of me and

nothing was working. 


Why?? Because you can’t fix something that isn’t broken!


Let me say that again….




We spend so much time trying to change who we are because we think that we’re supposed to be or look or feel some certain way. 


This doesn’t mean that I can’t want to heal my wounds and improve myself. Not at all!


But the thing is that the context is different….


Now, it’s not about fixing myself.


It’s about bringing MORE of ME out.


Uncovering my true, authentic self - my essence - and sharing that with others.


It’s about letting love in AND allowing it to lead the way. 


Now my thoughts and beliefs sound like this:

I GET TO be me! 

I GET TO learn and grow and heal and become more of my true self

I GET TO share my gifts and my energy with the world

I GET TO help other women do the same thing and I am so so so grateful 

So much of my work is about teaching you how to fully accept ALL the parts of yourself - even the ones you right now view as unacceptable, shameful or not enough.


Those parts of you hold some serious magic and power - YOUR ENERGY - and we get to bring that out of you together.


You're not in this alone. And actually, none of us are meant to do this work completely by ourselves. That's just the fear talking "I need to heal alone (because I'm too shameful to be seen in this)"

We get to break that pattern and rewrite that story.

Are you ready to meet the true you? 

I am :)

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Let's heal together :)

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